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Filling out this form does not guarantee a booth, as we do not want competing booths especially with our long term vendors.  You will be contacted once you fill out this form.

Thank you for indicating your desire to be a Finish Line Vendor at the May 27, 2012 Ski to Sea Race. In an effort to promote your products, services and food, please fill out the simply form below. The answers to these questions will help us to ensure that your booth space meets your needs.
Ski to Sea Recycle/Compost Policy for Food Vendors: All cups, bottles, and utensils must be either recyclable or compostable (any paper or biodegradable plastic) NO STYROFOAM. No plastic cutlery-please supply biodegradable cutlery only for 2012. Most standard paper plates/cups and bottles meet this requirement.
Recycling bins will be in place for your use and the use of attendees during the event. Vendors must also sort all their waste items behind the counter and use the recycling program provided.bins for you and your customers to use during the event. We will have volunteers who can assist you with this activity.
We are promoting your booth and your products/services to the racers by including it in our MONTHLY News Alerts to the racers (sent to over 14,000) . These News Alerts will be weekly during the month of May. In addition, your logo will appear on the Ski to Sea website that receives over ONE MILLION page views per year (see website report>>>) as soon as you return the Booth Contract with at least a 50% deposit.
Finish Line Booths: $550 for 10 X 10; $750 for 10 X 20. Booth includes 3 sided canopy, 2 Chairs, 1 6ft. skirted table, 1 electrical outlet. Upon receipt of your answers from the form below, you will be sent a 2 page contract in PDF format that will need to be returned along with payment.
Thank you. Mel Monkelis, Phone 360-746-8861, Email

Finish Line Vendors 2012

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