Ski to Sea Race Results

2013 Race Survey Results-Unedited

2013 Ski to Sea Race Result
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2013 - iPhone Race Results

2013 - Android Race Results

To view the top finishing teams from the Mt Baker Marathon 1911-1913; Ski to Sea 1973-2009, Click Here>>>

To view the race results for each year, please click on the links below.

Race Results:


In 2013, Ski to Sea is offering "another" way to watch your racers. You can follow twitter accounts to receive tweets as racers pass certain markers. See below for which account to follow.

Road Bike is from Maple Fuels at the corner turning to silver lake
Canoe is from the Guide Bridge

Mountain Bike is from the Coconut grove.

Finish Line is from the Finish Line Area

Results is the Master Info sender.

Thank you to the following bakeries for participating in the Ski to Sea 2nd Annual Cupcake Challenge!  Wonderful cupcakes had by all, be sure to visit them in Bellingham.





Wondering What Ski to Sea is all about? 
Check out the video below:

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