Racer Profile: Yahn Gentry 

Role (race leg in 2011 race):  Kayak

Team: Test Icicles

Age:  21 

How did you become involved in the Ski to Sea: some of my friends from my old rugby team wanted to start a ski to sea team and I wanted to do it since I heard about it so they had me do the kayak leg. 

What has kept you together as a team for so long now? Being on the rugby team and just being friends in general. I had a team of a bunch of really good genuine people that I have a lot of fun with. 

Present Occupation: full time student, but I did work at Bellingham bar and grill as a bouncer for a while last summer   

Length of Employment: I’ve been in school for about four years now, at WWU. 

Education: electronics engineering technology major 

Favorite Sport: mixed martial arts 

Favorite Quote:  carpe diem 

Last Book Read: Game of Thrones 

Long Term Dreams/Goals: to become a pilot 

How long have you been involved in the Ski to Sea? Just last year 

Do you plan to be in the Ski to Sea race again? If I can ever get a team together 

Do you plan to do all 7 legs of the race? I may possibly do that next year. I think I can be in good enough shape for it. 

What do you like about the Ski to Sea? The chance to race people in the community, I also like how big this whole thing has become 

What would you tell others about the Ski to Sea? That it is really fun but make sure you have some good gear because a fifty pound kayak takes a lot more effort to propel through the water then a ten pound one 

What do you like about the Bellingham/Mt Baker region? It is absolutely beautiful in the spring and summer. And for the winter and fall you always have Mt. Baker. 

Words of Wisdom: see the goodness in everything and people will see the goodness in you, work hard play hard, grab life by the balls, etc. 

To contact Yahn Gentry give him a call at: 253 691 6814




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