Silvia M. Reed

Silvia was awarded the Volunteer of the Year for the 2011 Ski to Sea Race.
Role (areas you volunteered for Ski to Sea in 2011): Poster distribution, Block Party booth and Ski to Sea booth at Finish Line
Team: Team of Volunteers
Age: 38
What makes you volunteer for the Ski to Sea?:
I can't think of any other event that transforms our community in such a a huge party. Personally it makes me feel totally energized by being part of something so big in Northwest Washington.
Present Occupation: Entrepreneur, owner of Bellingham Explorer
Length of Employment: 2 years
Education: BA in Business Management - Major in E-Commerce
Favorite Sport:
I've never been a Sports person, but ever since I became involved with Ski to Sea, I'm  appreciating  sports on a very different level. The importance of "HAVING A GOAL".
Favorite Quote:
"I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”, by Mary Ann Radmacher Hershey
Favorite Animal: Dogs
Last Book Read:
"The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, this is probably the 4th time I've read it, but it's always inspiring.
Long Team Dreams/Goals:
My business goal is to make Bellingham Explorer an important piece in the promotion of our local tourism, getting people to know more about what we have to offer in Whatcom County. On a personal level, my dreams always include traveling. I will never finish learning what other regions and cultures have to offer.
How long have you been involved in the Ski to Sea?:
2011 is the first of "many years to come"
Do you plan to be in the Ski to Sea race again?:
Absolutely, for now as a volunteer. If we have family or friends coming to visit during the Memorial Day Weekend, they'd better be ready to volunteer at Ski to Sea.
What do you like about the Ski to Sea?:
The energy and passion of the people participating and how it contributes to the growth of our community!
What would you tell others about the Ski to Sea?:
It's all about Passion. Set your mind on a goal and work hard to get there.
What do you like about the Bellingham/Mt Baker region?:
Its incredible beauty. Few places in the world have so much to offer. Beautiful scenery, arts, active night life, great walking trails, etc.
Words of Wisdom:
Never stop learning, keep you eyes and you mind open to new experiences and always receive each moment in your life with a wide smile. Happiness will happen only if you are ready to receive it.
To contact Silvia, send her a message at:
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