Race Fees Increase on May 1 - Get in now.

Questions?  Call Active.com at (877) 228-4881 or email them at Support@Active.com

UPDATED 03/15/14: Captains and Racers: Please read the one page of registration instructions.  Click Here>>>

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  1. Teams Captains should register FIRST, as either a Captain that joins the team, or a non-participating Team Captain. Please choose a password when creating your team name and share this password with your team members.  This prevents strangers from joining your team.
  2. Captains should complete the registration process, pay (if applicable) for anywhere from 0-7 other team members and then go to MY EVENTS to invite the other Racers to join their team using the Active.com "email invitation” system.
  3. Racers should receive the Active.com email invite from their Captains and join their team.
  4. The Captain manages the racers on the team in My Events, by clicking on "Edit Registration Information”
  5. Changing Categories (Divisions)-please read the instructions in the PDF file here>>>
Already registered in ACTIVE?  

Go to MY EVENTS to update your information.

As of Today As of May 1, 2014
Fee per Racer
$66.58 $71.74
Corporate Fee per Racer
$71.74 $78.36
High School
$32.61 $39.13

Ski to Sea Race is May 25, 2014.
Teams as of 4-11-14
    Excel  /  PDF (Legal Paper)

Note: Teams are only guaranteed a spot in the race once a Team with all 8 racers is PAID IN FULL.

DEADLINE MAY 7th, at 12 Noon
to Get Racers' Names Listed in Official Race Guide
Captains of the Ski to Sea teams need to go to MY EVENTS in their ACTIVE registration for the Ski to Sea, and make sure racer's names are filled in for the 8 race legs by May 7th at 12 Noon. 

Credit Card is the preferred method of payment, as it allows you to enter racer information.  
If paying by check, contact the Ski to Sea office at 360-746-8861 and
please provide payment information.
Make check out to: Whatcom Events and mail it to:
Whatcom Events, 2227 Queen Street #6, Bellingham, WA  98229
All rules for race and each leg are available on this website. 
The media will use the new Team Sites to contact teams for stories. If you don't make a Team Site, the media cannot contact you. Team sites are 6 page mini websites that you create as part of the Ski to Sea website. It is a great way for you to show off your past race pictures, training schedule, and communicate with your team. You do not have to wait for registration to open in order to create a Team Site. Note: The Team Pages replace the media pages from year's past.
The Bellingham Herald and other organizations will visit and use these Team Pages to profile selected teams in the newspaper and on radio.



Wondering What Ski to Sea is all about? 
Check out the video below:

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