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Each month, the Ski to Sea will interview a different racer, volunteer, or supporter, to share their story of involvement with the race. Don't be surprised if you should get a call from the Ski to Sea office asking for an interview!

Elizabeth Hartsoch

March 2014
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Team: Kulshan Cycle

XC Ski
Tom Halsted

January 2014
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Team: Watt's The Hurry?

Team Captain/Kayaker 


Liz Hunt
December 2012
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Team: The Team of Volunteers

Ski to Sea Volunteer of the Year 2012

Liz Hunt and Family Backpacking
Yahn Gentry
May 2012
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Role (race leg in 2011 race): kayak
Team (name of 2011 team): Test Icicles
2011 Team #137, 57th Place, Recreational Open Division
231st Overall out of 500 teams
Peter Mallahan
April 2012
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Role (race leg in 2011 race):  Kayak (4 years)
Team (name of 2011 team): WDFA, We don't *mess* around
2011 Team #401, 72nd Place, Recreational Open Division;
286th Overall out of 500 teams

Peter Mallahan
Jonathan Carlson
February 2012
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Role: Team Captain & Down Hill Running Leg in 2011
Team: Over Confident and Under Trained
2011 Team  #494, 7th Place, High School Division;
487th Overall out of 500 teams

Jonathan Carlson

Heather Nelson
January 2012
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Role: Kayak Leg and Team Captain
Team: Kulshan Cycles
2011 Team  #28, 1st Place, Whatcom County Women's Division;
28th Overall out of 500 teams.

Amy Trowbridge
November 2011
Role: Canoer and Team Captain
Team: Mt. Baker Ski Area Mixed
2011 Team #477, 1st Place, Whatcom County Mixed Division;
36th Overall out of 500 teams.

Jim Clevenger
September 2011
Role: Downhill Ski (also lead singer and driver of the Winnebago)
Team: Klicks Running & Walking
2011 Team #366, 1st Place, Whatcom County Open Division;
5th Overall out of 500 teams.

Silvia M. Reed
July 2011
Volunteer: packet prep/pick-up, Poster distribution, Block Party, and finish line
2011 Team: Team of Volunteers

Vinson B. Latimore
June 2011
Role: Runner
Team: The One Point 5 Percent
2011 Team #414, 74th in Recreational Mixed Division; 483rd Overall

Kathy Salisbury
April 2011
Role: Mountain Biker
Team: Fanatik Hot-Flashes
2010 Team #127, 2nd Place in Whatcom County Women's Division, (72 Overall)

Debbie Chadwick
March 2011
Canoeist for Boundary Bay Brewery Women's team
2010 Team #39, 1st Place in Competitive Women Division, (19th Overall)

Brian Ecker
Road Cyclist for "Beaver's Tree Service"
2010 Team #128, 7th Place, Whatcom County Open

Gwen Reider
December 2010
Cross Country Skier of "The Situation"
2010 Team #254, 399th Place, Recreational Mixed Division

Susan Bennerstrom
November 2010
Captain of "Aunt Janie's Road Trip"
2010 Team #344,1st Place, Recreational Mixed Division

Kit Vonnegut
September 2010
Captain of "The Mount Baker Club"
2010 Team #138, Whatcom County Open Division

John Lackey
August 2010
Captain of "The Monkey Wrench Gang"
2010 Team #20, Competitive Open Division

Mike Marsh
July 2010
Volunteer, packet prep/pick-up and finish line
2010 Team: Team of Volunteers

Dacia Grayber
June 2010
Captain of "Smokin' Hot Bitches"
2010 Team #363, Recreational Women Division




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