Race Message Board---If you want to race, but don't have a team OR a team in need of racers.

The Ski to Sea Message Board Forum (aka: Orphan's List) allows:
  • Teams to look for racers,
  • Racers to look for teams to join.
  • You must register in order to post a message, but registration is quick, and it prevents spam.

Message Board registration IS NOT related to your Team Application Registration into the race.
These are two entirely separate Registrations. You must register in the Forum in order to POST messages. You do not need to register in the Forum  to simply READ the messages.
Any person can reply to your post, and maybe no one will reply to your post. No one person is in charge of making sure every post is replied to. However, if you use profane language, or make even what seems like a defamatory statement about a company or person, we reserve the right to delete this posting, and to block you from making posts here in the future. Please use your common sense.



2014 Official Race Guide

Wondering What Ski to Sea is all about? 
Check out the video below:

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