Racer Profile: Jonathan Carlson

Role: Team Captain & Down Hill Running Leg in 2011
Team: Over Confident and Under Trained
Age: just turned 17 at the time 4 days before the 2011 race

How did you become involved in the Ski to Sea:
I wanted to do it for a few years and it just sounded fun!
What has kept you together as a team for so long now?
Um, we kinda got thrown together because we were sponsored about 2 weeks before the race and i had to just get a team together, Before I had a team but no one wanted to fund raise for it besides myself so... i was still on the list with a team but was not expecting to get in... Had people that were willing to do it and that was my team.

Present Occupation:  Student
Length of Employment: Full Time

Education: In high school doing running start

Favorite Sport: Running, and swimming

Favorite Quote:  Every Finish line is the beginning of a new race.

Last Book Read: The Dark Tower Series, The Wizard of Glass. By Stephan King

Long Term Dreams/Goals:  Become a translator and get paid to travel the world and while I'm there do races all over the place

How long have you been involved in the Ski to Sea?  
Hmm, about a year now. Wanted to for about 4 or 5 years now.

Do you plan to be in the Ski to Sea race again?
YES!!! I hope to do so every year, however funding. We are all a little broke but totally worth it for any procrastinators.

Do you plan to do all 7 legs of the race? 
Eventually at some point. Me and 2 others want to work together and do multiple legs and get it done as a smaller team sometime. But yes i would like to try all of the legs at some point in future years.

What do you like about the Ski to Sea?    
One heck of a race, and it is just fun to watch all of the different people cross the separate lines but all together in a way.

What would you tell others about the Ski to Sea?  
Do it no questions. Add it to your bucket list.

What do you like about the Bellingham/Mt Baker region?
One thing that I like about the region is that the people are nice, and even though we seem to get clouds every day the rain just keeps everything green year round.

Words of Wisdom:  
Just go for it and have fun, the place you finish in does not matter. My team came in 470th out of 474th. BUT WE FINISHED!! that is all that matters.

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