John Lackey

Role: Team Captain, Road Bike Racer
Age: 32
Team: Monkey Wrench Gang
We started the team in 1995 as juniors in high school. Four of the 8 original members (Chris Knudsen, Austin Ruf, Hugh Klinedinst and myself) are still racing on the team and two of the others (Chris Wright and Michael Meyer) we acquired from rival high school teams that folded after graduation. We had the same lineup from 1998 to 2008 when "Hollywood" Bob McCormack joined the team, the final member of that group was Rob Moran who was one of the originals, but has not been able to participate for the last 2 years, but the other 7 have been together for 12 years now. Over the last 7 years we have had a heated, yet friendly, rivalry with the Higher Plane Cabinetworks team that my brothers, Jim and Mark, are on.
What has kept you together as a team for so long now?:
Friendship. That and the fact that we all enjoy playing outdoors and the wonderful atmosphere of the event. But if it wasn't for the fact that we are all still extremely good friends, it wouldn't have lasted this long.
Present Occupation:
I am a consulting electrical engineer for AMC engineers in Anchorage, AK.
Length of Employment: 2 Years
BS Electrical Engineering - Montana State University
BS Computer Engineering - Montana State University
MS Electrical Engineering - Montana State University
Favorite Sport: Cyclocross.
Favorite Quote: "The thing about brakes is, they just slow you down."
Favorite Animal:
My fat dog Duke, its the off season for him, he prefers running in the winter.
Last Book Read: Goodbye Wives and Daughters. It's about the mining accident that killed my great grandfather.
Long Team Dreams/Goals:
To own a full size van again, the minivan is ok, but the old dodge ram prospector was awesome. Seriously.
How long have you been involved in the Ski to Sea?:
I was a spectator as a kid when my Dad had a team starting sometime in the 80's and I started participating in the junior race starting in the late 80's as well.
Do you plan to be in the Ski to Sea race again?:
Until I can't do it anymore, then I'll still come and watch a team full of our kids crushing a team full of Higer Plane Cabinetworks kids.
Do you plan to do all 7 legs of the race?:
I never want to paddle either of the boats. That's why I bike so much, they can't afford to put me in the water at this point.
What do you like about the Ski to Sea?:
Hanging out with all my friends and family, then making my brothers team drink PBR out of the original Whatcom Cup.
What would you tell others about the Ski to Sea?:
Come and enjoy it because it is fun.
What do you like about the Bellingham/Mt Baker region?:
It's home to me, so family and friends are there. Also the amazing outdoor opportunities from the islands to the mountains, you can't beat it.
Words of Wisdom:
If anyone ever asks you what the best band in the world is, Slayer is always the appropriate answer.
To contact John, send him a message at:
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