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Below are the Ski to Sea Race efforts to decrease it's impact on our local environment. The Green Team of the Ski to Sea Race will work to improve these numbers in 2014. Note: F+ FoodPlus! Recycling is SSC's all-in-one Toter™ service for recycling yard debris, compostable/biodegradable/food-soiled paper.

What Happens to the Green Fee Funds?

The Green Fee helps offset the environmental cost of carbon emissions by putting resources back into our local area. The Ski to Sea is working towards a Zero Waste event. All Green Fee funds will be donated to local groups working toward environmental health. In 2010, racers contributed over $3,000 toward the Green Fee which is a phenomenal response. Thank you racers for helping to keep Whatcom County a great place to live and recreate. Please see notes below on how the Green Fee will be allocated in 2012.
This year, a portion of the funds raised be being "green" will be distributed as follows:
  • to the Girl Scouts of Whatcom County who greatly contribute to the success of event recycling by serving as the Recycle Monitors on race day
  • to ReUse Worksa 501(c)(3) tax exempt, nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and support worker training, job creation, and business development opportunities for low-income residents by using waste and discarded materials.
Thank you for helping this event and our community stay green!


Waste Reduction Improved Recycling

We are offering recycling and composting at ALL our Ski to Sea racing events. That means you’ll find the distinctive recycling and composting containers at all locations on Race Day. We’ll have "Roving Recycling Toters” throughout the crowds—so if you’re confused where to put your plastic bottle or paper cup, you have someone to ask!

You can see our success in reducing the waste generated in 2009 by 2/3 on recycle & garbage bin pictures.
Thank you Girl Scouts for monitoring stations and making our recycling efforts a success! Most of your Race and Festival waste will be recycled or composted, reducing the amount of waste racing to a landfill.

Zip 2 Water

To further reduce the amount of waste, refillable water filtration stations will be supplied by Zip 2 Water. These stations provide an endless supply of fresh, pure water and will be at the start of each leg (with exception of the road bike). Be sure to bring your own water bottles.

Car-Free Teams

Believe it or not there are some local teams who are doing the entire race car-free!

Jennifer Hoover, a race captain and participant of a car-free team, stated, "obviously, we're not trying to set any new speed records; we're more inclined to enjoy the spectacular wild wonders of our region while inflicting as little harm as possible upon our ecosystem."

Her team, and others like her's, have worked hard to create a more sustainable way to participate in the race. These teams are even considering getting enough interested people together in order to create a "car-free" division. In order to get a separate division there must be a total of 10 teams willing to participate. Currently there are around 4-5 who participate in "car-free racing." Way to strive towards a more green race!

Best Ways to Carpool Up The Mountain

One Team Scenario - MOST COMMON
Vehicle #1
X-C Skier, Downhill, Runner & Road Bike
1. X-C skier, downhill, runner & road bike all ride up to the mountain in Vehicle #1 driven, by support staff.
2. Road bike is dropped off @ DOT w/ a comfy chair and book and snacks.
3. After snow events Vehicle #1 comes down mtn w/ x-c skier, downhill & picks up runner @ DOT w/ all biker’s stuff left @ DOT.
4. Drive to the next race station to cheer on team.
Vehicle #3
1. Vehicle #3 drops Kayaker at Taylor Dock or Boulevard (paddle to start), then parks car near Finish Line in Fairhaven. Or paddler could park in Fairhaven, paddle leisurely to start at Squalicum. Or paddler could park car in Fairhaven and take the shuttle from Fairhaven to Zuanich Park.
Vehicle #2
Canoers, Road Biker
1. Vehicle #2 drives canoe & canoers to start line in Everson.
2. Vehicle #2 is driven back from Everson by road biker.
3. Road bike drives to Hovander to pick up canoe & canoers when they arrive.
No Vehicle Needed
Mt. Biker
1. Mtn. bike rides to Hovander to get their "warm up" in.
2. Mtn. biker rides from Squalicum to Marine Park, rendezvous with team.

Find Carpool Buddies Online

You can also find carpooling buddies online with the help of our "Ski to Sea Message Board.” Once you are registered for the Message Board, you can go straight to our CARPOOL topic, and type in what you are looking for in terms of ride. It's that easy. Folks who are also looking for carpools will see your message. Remember to leave a way for readers of the Message Board to contact you.

Extreme Carpooling

If you're into Extreme Carpooling, download the PDF document and get some tips from the Green Team.



2014 Official Race Guide

Wondering What Ski to Sea is all about? 
Check out the video below:

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