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The Ski to Sea Race has always been about friendly competition in a great natural setting.  Awards have always been given to the top 3 Teams in each of the 14 Divisions.
Yet, there have also been "underground" competitions between families, between local racers, between the sheriff, police and fire departments and so on.  The winner of these underground competitions win bragging rights till next year.  Now, those bragging rights come to you while raising money for your favorite local charity.
Current Challenge Cups Established

Family Medicine Residency Deep Breath Award
How it Works
One team has to initiate a Challenge Cup by filling out the form below. The fee for initiating a Challenge Cup is $25.00, with fee going towards the favorite charity of your choice. Other teams can join your challenge cup by filling out this form and sending a check in for an additional $25.00 that goes to the charity. There is no limit to the number of teams that can join your challenge, but each team must send in a check for $25.00.
You can choose among the already established Challenge Cups, or you can form a new one. The winners will be announced in mid June along with the winners of the Ski to Sea video contest. The Challenge Cups provide a way to recognize efforts of all the teams, and raise some funds for charity.
If you are paying by credit card, please call the Ski to Sea office at 360-746-8861. Otherwise, mail your check to: Whatcom Events-Challenge Cup, 2227 Queen Street #6, Bellingham, WA  98229. 

Challenge Cup Donation Form

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Family Medicine Residency Deep Breath Award
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No Refunds.  Your payment is donated to charity even if you cannot race. Thanks, and have fun!



2014 Official Race Guide

Wondering What Ski to Sea is all about? 
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