Northwest, Multi-Venue Relay Races and more...

Snow to Surf, Comox, BC 
Alpine ski, Nordic Ski, Run, Mtn.
Bike, Kayak, Road bike, Canoe
April 27, 2014  8/
Snowshoeing, Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Running (1 or 2 persons), Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Road Cycling,Canoeing

Jr. Ridge to River, Wenatchee, WA 
Nordic Ski, Alpine Ski, Run, Road Bike, Kayak
April 27, 2014     5/35 miles

Pole, Pedal & Paddle, Bend, OR
Alpine Ski, Nordic Ski, Road Bike
Run, Canoe/kayak, sprint
May 17, 2014 6/Unspecified

Ski to Sea Race, Bellingham, WA
Nordic Ski, Alpine Ski, Run, Road
Bike, Canoe, Mtn. Bike, Sea Kayak
May 25, 2014 7/93 miles

Gap to Gap Relay, Yakima, WA
Field Run, Mtn. Bike, Kayak/canoe
Road Bike, Run 5/52 miles
May 31 and June 1, 2014

NW Adventure Sports Triathlon
Port Gamble, WA
Kayaking, Mountain Biking, and Trail Running
3/23 miles
2014 Race Date Not Determined

Glacier Challenge, Whitefish, MT
Run, Kayak, Road Bike, Mtn. Bike
Canoe, Run, Iron Man & Woman
July 19, 2014 6/50 miles

Olympia Traverse, Olympia, WA
Run, Mtn. Bike, Road Bike, Trail
Run, Paddle, Trek
July 26, 2014
6/37 miles

Tour de Whacom, Bellingham, WA
7th Annual.  25, 50 and 105 miles tour through 
Whatcom County.  All proceeds to local non-profits.
July 26, 2014 25, 50, and 105 rides

Muds to Suds, Ferndale, WA
Registration is now OPEN  
Experience Whatcom County's own "mud obstacle race" 
for adults and kids at Hovander Park in Ferndale.
August 16 and 17, 2014
2.5 miles, 22+ obstacles

Hood to Coast Relay, OR
The race spans 197 miles, from the top of Mt. Hood 
to the Pacific Ocean at Seaside. The race consists 
of thirty-six (36) Legs. Each runner is required to 
complete three (3) of the 36. Each Leg ranges in 
distance from 3.7 to 7.4 miles. Legs vary in difficulty, 
from easy to very hard, due to the varying Oregon terrain.
Friday & Saturday
August 22-23, 2014 36/197 miles

The Iron Horse, Seattle, WA
Paddle, Mt Bike, Trail Run, Road Bike, Road Run
½ marathon, sprint
2014 Race Date Not Determined
5/70 miles

Bellingham Traverse, Bellingham, WA
Run, Mtn. Bike, Road Bike, Trail
Run, Paddle, Trek
September 20, 2014
6/37 miles




Wondering What Ski to Sea is all about? 
Check out the video below:

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