Some of the Most Common Ski to Sea Questions. 

More are added regularly, so come back.
How many racers make up a team?
A: Eight, since you need two paddlers for the canoe leg.
How can I find a racer for my team?
A: The Message Board allows you to post a message that says you are seeking a racer.
I want to race so how do I find a team to join?
A: The Message Board allows you to post a message that you want to race, but need a team to join.
Why should I join the Ski to Sea Facebook page?
A: Our Facebook keeps you up to date on breaking news, and allows you to communicate with other racers.
Can I compete in more than one race leg?
A: No, a racer is only allowed to compete in one race leg, and only for one team. If a team captain allows a person to race in more than one leg, or knows that the racer is already racing for another team, that team may be disqualified. 
Can I do the race solo or in tandem?
A: No, as the race is a team race, and that team is made up of 8 racers.
What happens if a racer discovers that they cannot race a day or two before race day?
A: The Team Captain is responsible for obtaining a replacement racer. The Replacement Racer MUST also sign the Hold Harmless form before race day or on-site at the Race Day Meeting held for that particular leg of the race.

Will there be water provided?
A: Yes there will be water provided by Zip 2 Water, however make sure to bring your own water bottle as for we will not be providing water bottles for racers (expect for at the road bike leg).

Can I use the Ski to Sea "crest" logo to design my own shirts for our team?
A: The Ski to Sea "crest" logo is copyrighted and as such, cannot be used in the design of shirts or any other material without the express written consent of Whatcom Events. We do allow teams to use that year's "Ski to Sea" text logo in the design of t-shirts, and any other promotional material as long as you ask us, and it's done in good taste. Here is the Ski to Sea Text Logo.



2014 Official Race Guide

Wondering What Ski to Sea is all about? 
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