A team consists of 8 racers (2 in the canoe leg) for the seven race legs (Cross Country Ski; Downhill Ski/Snowboard; Running; Road Bike; Canoe; Mountain Bike; Kayak).  A racer can only be on one team, and only complete one leg.  We also recommend a support team to carpool the team to the different race leg venues.

The annual Ski to Sea Race from Mt. Baker to Bellingham Bay can be traced back to the Mt. Baker Marathon held from 1911 to 1913. The marathon pitted man and machine against rugged terrain, taking contestants over treacherous roads and trails to the top of the mountain and back. Contestants had the choice of using automobiles or the railroad to help them get to the point at which they would have to start running up the mountain side.
The idea for the marathon was developed by the Mt. Baker Club, a group of conservation minded citizens that were attempting to have the North Cascades area designated as part of the National Park System. The foot race to the top of Mt. Baker was a publicity stunt aimed at focusing the government's attentions on the region.
In 1911 the race was won by Joe Galbraith. The following year, Harvey Haggard was the winner, and the 1913 winner was Paul Westerlund. Westerlund's time for the climb was nine hours and thirty-four minutes.
"The true story of the
Mount Baker
Marathon Race of 1911. A race by
auto or train to the base and by
foot to the 10,788 ft. Mount Baker
Summit and back again."
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Summer storms created hazardous conditions on roads and trails. The marathon was stopped in 1913 when Vic Galbraith, a cousin of Joe, fell into a crevasse while racing down the glacier. He was found six hours later, nearly dead.
In 1973, the Mt. Baker Marathon was recreated and called the Ski to Sea Race. The Race, now a relay, was designed to showcase the recreational opportunities in Whatcom County. The Race has evolved into the "Grand Daddy" of all races, attracting participants from all over the world. In 2005, the Ski to Sea Race was featured nationally on the "Fox Sports Northwest" network, reaching 3.2 million households. A movie has been made of the 1911-1913 Mt Baker Marathons titled: The Mountain Runners.




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